A Special Thanks To….

I want to thank the individuals and companies who never gave up-even when recovery, at times, may have looked bleak.

Every single day I am reminded of your kindness, faith, open-mindedness, understanding, and perseverance;

I appreciate each and every one of you more than you know!

  • Equine and Holistic Vet, Dr. Martha Moses
  • Kate and Randy Fairfield
  • Equine Vet, Dr. Anne Bonda
  • Mountain View Equine Hospital: Dr. Scott Reiners and Keston
  • Full Circle Equine: Dr. Jana Froeling & Melissa
  • True North Equine: Dr. Hancock & Rachel
  • Jackie and Joe Meuse
  • John Dodson
  • Dodson Hay
  • Farrier Wes Bagoon
  • Farrier Marc Condrey’
  • Genesis Farriers: Dave Giza
  • Equine Dentist Ken Pankow
  • SmartPak
  • Vet-Stem
  • Always There Horse Trailering: Malena
  • Agape Horse Cremation (Maryland)