Another Try

Yesterday, while at the farm, Chance’s medications arrived at my house instead of the farm.  I drove home, grabbed the meds, and began my drive back to the farm.  A winter storm was just beginning.  4 hours later, I dropped off the medication and turned back around to head home.

Thankfully, Chance began his second round of EPM treatment this morning.

I decided to try a different type of treatment this time around- round one: Protazil and round two: Marquis.  Marquis has been around longer and has similar potential side effects and outcomes as Protazil.

Rebalance recently was linked to the death of 4 horses in 2014.


Oraquin-10 which is a 10 day treatment that is more cost effective.  However, it is a newer medication and the vets that I have spoken to were not as comfortable with the outcomes in the horses with EPM.


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