Where to go from here…

Over the last couple weeks, I have seen moments where C looks like a healthy 8 year old, who can do anything, and other days, he looks like he did when we began treatment for EPM. The entire journey is daunting and heart wrenching…but how can I give up hope when, according to the numerous veterinarians and the countless journals, he is not in pain? And when his eyes light up when he sees me? And when he rolls around in the snow? Or is laying in the sunshine? Or when he gobbles up his food? Or when I see him close his eyes and hear him let out a sign while I groom him? Or hear him whinny? Or run around in the field? I can’t. I won’t. Not after the 15 years he gave me- doing the work, moving with me, being my buddy. I owe him. So, the endless hours of research will continue, as it has with each hurdle over the many months. Fingers crossed.


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