A Lucky Chance


Lucky just arriving at his new forever home

 While Chance is recuperating, and due to being at a new home where most of the horses go out all day and night, I thought that he could use a friend.  Chance has always loved miniature horses; he is sweet and gentle with them.  Which is pretty funny considering he is 17.1 hands.:)  However, the farm already had a miniature horse, who was kind of the “ruler” of the barn, so getting another one would probably not work.  I did some research and read some information on donkeys.  Every article I read said that they were great companions for horses.  I looked to see the care they required and finally found one who was available to a good home- he was a miniature donkey!


The day we brought him home he was understandably nervous and did not engage much with anyone.  But when I walked him by Chance’s stall, Chance began to freak out!  He was pacing and snorting.  I quickly took the new donkey (renamed Lucky) to his stall.  I went to calm Chance down and noticed he was dripping with sweat.  I felt horrible!  It was freezing out, I quickly changed his blankets and put the wet one in the dryer to dry and warm it for him. I walked him for a good 30 minutes to cool and calm him down.  Once inside I put his warm blanket on and put him back in his stall.  So far- NOT good.

Sleepy Lucky

Sleepy Lucky

Over the following weeks, Lucky and Chance were not keen on one another.   I tried walking Lucky while Chance was outside, putting them next to each other outside…nothing seemed to make Chance want to befriend this sweet little guy.

Luck has settled in and allows me to groom him (which he did not like before). He brays every morning at 6:30 am when he is ready for breakfast, and is waiting at the paddock gate every night at 5:30 pm when he is ready to come in and eat.  He does not even need to be lead to and from the paddock to the stall anymore.


Thankfully, Lucky has befriended a goat that was being bullied by the other goats and is currently his stall mate.  I am confident that Lucky and Chance will become friends once Chance is feeling better and the weather warms up.I hope!


Lucky with his very first blanket and his new friend, the goat!

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