Throughout this journey I have come to realize (more so than I ever have before), and appreciate, that things that are worth accomplishing do not come easy. Whether it’s graduating from school, building a life the you want, holding a relationship together, getting an animal healthy again, or whatever else one holds dear.

The things we truly want, what we are willing to fight for, in the end we appreciate them more. We know how hard we fought to get to the places we are, we remember every single day- the sweat, the tears, the long nights, the headaches and heartaches, the persistence and patience it took, and that we never gave up.

Personally speaking, my life has always required extra work; it has never been smooth sailing. Whether it was passing highschool, getting accepted into college, my masters program, or even my PhD program…I was constantly hit with road blocks…learning disabilities, ADHD, good and not so good teachers, family crises, anxiety disorders, deaths of loved ones…you name it, I had to climb over it.

This most recent obstacle with Chance’s health has been no different….the fight to make something happen, feeling alone in your quest, trying to focus on the end goal even when others are telling you to give up, spending countless hours planning, researching, and grasping at any and every lead you’re able to find that will help you to get to the finish line.

Today I’m grateful that I fought for my old guy and that a year later he is happy, healthy, and enjoying a life he deserves with me right by his side.

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