The Here and Now

“Enjoy The Little Things In Life-

For One Day You Will See They Were In Fact The Big Things.”

This weekend I had the opportunity to admire the night sky full of stars while being able to spend time with my two favorite guys.  I did not have anywhere else to be, or anything else to do…I could fully enjoy the “here and now” as Yalom so eloquently coined.

I was able to experience the warm breeze and truly appreciate it.  To watch my two guys slowly grazing and hear them taking deep and relaxed breathes, with the moonlight reflecting against their backs.  I could smell the scent of hay and fresh grass. I felt my shoulders drop from their semi-permanent place next to my ears and my mind quieted.  I was able to sit back in the grass, look at the millions of stars, and 100% appreciate my surroundings- how lucky I am to not only have a place like this to visit, but also have the two beautiful souls (Luck and Chance) in my life.

Below is the sunrise the next morning….

IMG_0366 IMG_0367


The guys waiting to come in for their breakfast

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