Floating Away

Lately, I have noticed that Chance is eating more on the left side of his mouth and is taking a longer time finishing his meal.  I booked an appointment with the dentist and he came out to take a look.

Chance showed discomfort while being floated on the right side of his mouth.  However, upon taking a closer look the dentist did not see or feel any loose teeth nor did he smell an odors (indicating a broken or infected tooth).  I asked if Chance could have a tooth that was cracked near the root?  The dentist explained that this could be the case and we would need to do an x-ray to know more.  He suggested that we see how he does after being floated, due to one of his teeth on the upper right side being higher than the others, and go from there.

The dentist did say that Chance’s teeth were sturdy and in good shape especially given his age! Yay!