Who Are You?

I have been trying for years to read Chance’s tattoo.  Unfortunately, the tattoo was faded even back in 2000 and has become that much more over the years.

I have tried everything I can think of to figure out his tattoo or gain any information that I can about his racing name- video, photos, lots of light, a flashlight, a blue light, red light, asking vets and dentists, emailing his previous owner, the farm where I purchased him, my past trainers, rummaging through my old files…nada!

I have searched for hours on Jockey Club using his markings (white marks on his face and legs, different letter and number combinations based on his age, and different variations of what I thought was his “racing name”).  I have even done a guided search that came back with nothing.

Chance’s racing records do not matter in the grand scheme of things…it is more curiosity then anything else.  Plus, I think it would be pretty cool to find out more about my guy.

So far all I have is;


Horse Name:
Tattoo Number: T_____
Foaling Year: 1990
Color: Chestnut
Sex: Gelding


Head: Patch of white hairs mid to top of eye level
Head Cowlick(s): Median cowlick at top of eye level.
Neck Cowlicks(s): Middle of front of neck
Left Fore Leg: cornet white left side of heel white
Left Hind Leg: none
Right Hind Leg: some white on cornet band
Right Fore Leg: none
Body: top of head off center/right behind right ear small white patch
Other: left foreleg inside firing markings



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