“Let Me Clear My Throat..”

My poor guy was eating the other night and began to choke.  Scary doesn’t even begin to cover it.  I immediately removed his feed and began to rub his neck to feel for any lumps (feed stuck in his esophagus).  I administered 10cc of Banamine into his butt cheek, which helps the horse’s muscles to relax, thus allowing the food to move through.  I called my vet who said to call her back in 20 min (once the Banamine had time to take effect) if I felt that he was still having issues.  Well, me being the overprotective person I am, I called and asked her to come out to check on Chance and make sure he was okay. The vet came out and flushed his mouth twice with water and said that she felt that he was okay and had passed whatever feed had been stuck.  Thank God!

(Below is a picture of Chance drugged up and waiting for the vet).


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