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How Horses Stay Warm


Keep Your Friends Close & Your Enemies Closer…?

Well, after months and months of trying to make Luck and Chance BFFs, they are now inseparable!

The other night Chance and Luck were roaming around the outside of the farm when suddenly I hear Chance running, full spreed, around the barn screaming.  I run outside and Chance is visibly upset, searching around frantically for Luck.  Suddenly, Luck comes trotting down the hill to Chance.  He settles down and I put them into their neighboring stalls for the night.  Chance continues to pace in his stall, looking down through the bars at Luck.  I decide, after about ten minutes of him circling in his stall, to put Luck into the stall with him.  As soon as Luck walked into Chance’s stall, he immediately relaxed and the two of them just stood together eating hay.

imageLooking outside together…or Chance looking outside and Luck trying to


Why Can’t We Be Friends?!

A handful of months ago I decided to get my horse, Chance, a companion. He has always loved miniature horses but we already had one at the farm (with a very strong personality) so I decided on a miniature donkey. That is when I found Lucky. 

Well, Chance did NOT like Lucky from the moment he saw me leading Luck off the trailer. Chance paced and neighed incessantly until he actually broke into a sweat! 

I have tried everything- putting them in neighboring stalls, putting them in neighboring paddocks, walking one outside while the other one is grazing, putting something of Lucky’s near Chance’s stall so he could get familiar with the smell, etc. 

Today Lucky decided to escape out of his stall and run out to where Chance was. At first Chance just stared, then he went after Luck but he stopped once Luck moved a few feet away. Slowly, Luck inched his way closer and closer until he was a handful of feet away from where Chance was grazing. Chance  didn’t seem to even care. 

Fingers crossed this is the beginning of a forced, we-will-put-up-with-each-other friendship.