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Horses that Eat Everything! Including the barn


Spotting Lameness: The Game Plan

Spotting Lameness: The Game Plan
— Read on horsenetwork.com/2018/10/spotting-lameness-game-plan/

When it rains…


You’re Always with Me

Tonight I lost my best friend, Chance. The one who whinnied the moment my car pulled up, would run away and wait for me to catch him only to turn around and run away again. He made me laugh, knew all my secrets and nuzzled me when I was sad. He taught me about unconditional love and having a positive attitude despite circumstances. He nodded when I asked if he loved me and gave kisses to get treats. He’s the 17.1 hand horse who would stand behind me and fall asleep as I did my school work and would get upset if any horse got near me but would never hurt a fly. He let children hug him and dogs run into his stall and let me dress him up with flowers. He loved rolling in the snow, laying in the sunshine, and would light up the moment he saw me. I’ll miss playing in the barn on cold nights and curling up reading in his stall when he wasn’t feeling well. I’m thankful that he waited for me to get there tonight to say goodbye so I could hold his head in my lap and talk to him while he passed. There will never be a sweeter horse with a more gentle and pure soul. Thank you, Bubba, for being with me through it all- high school, college, the break ups, the losses, the good and bad days. You gave one hell of a fight for 30+ years. Lucky and I will miss you- there will never be another you❤️ #myfavoriteredhead #chancewetake #20yearstogether #thebesthorseintheworld #myheart

First Time In Over A Decade….

I was able to throw on a saddle and get on Chance!  He is finally strong enough for me to “ride”….and by “ride” I am referring to walking around in a ring.  We walked in circles and figure eights and over some ground poles for about 15 minutes.  It was absolute bliss!


Sadie followed us around the ring the entire time...

Sadie followed us around the ring the entire time…

and Lucky stood by and watched!

and Lucky stood by and watched!

“I will not get on that trailer!”

The treatment crisis terrified me.  I decided to try to get Chance to the hospital.

Tried I did.  For a total of 8 hours over the course of two days.


Treats, grain, Quietex, walking, crossing lead ropes, talking, begging, pleading, more treats, another horse, a different loading angle, backing the trailer up to the barn doors, and 100000 other things.  I even rubbed lavender oil on his face.  After about 5 hours of trying calmly to coax him, I stopped.

The next day I decided to try it alone…just me and Chance….maybe the group of people was too scary?  I noticed his ataxia was worse and remembered that stress can increase the symptoms.  So, he and I walked and talked and I let him smell the trailer. Very low key.  After 3 hours of walking and talking, he finally walked up the ramp…and decided, nope!  That is when I knew that this wasn’t worth it.

He was scared and confused and that was okay.  We will figure out what to do from here, like we have with every other obstacle over the last 6 months.